Search Engine Optimisation & Other Features

We go further as standard, including options that other businesses charge extra for

We aim to deliver a high quality service and results with every website we create, so we offer a complete solution including important features as standard such as SEO and the ability to update your own website.

We believe that you need an effective website if it is to benefit your business, and it doesn't matter how good your website looks if people cannot find it.

This is why we include as standard the features we believe are fundamental to an effective website, including Search Engine Optimisation, even though other companies charge extra.

We can also provide a wide range of additional features and services to provide you with a complete solution to meet your requirements


Features included as Standard

All of our websites include:

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Search Engine Optimisation

The basis for all SEO is well designed & built website, so all of our websites include SEO as standard.

It doesn't matter how good your website is if people can't find it, so all of our websites include SEO as standard.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the preparation of a website so it will be ranked in search engines such as Google for specific search keywords.

A well-designed & correctly-built website is the basis for all SEO, so we start the SEO process even before we start to built your website.

Good content is also a key factor for search engines. Let us know what search terms you would like your site to rank for and we will optimise your site accordingly. We can also review any content you may provide for its effectiveness.

We Build your Website for SEO from the Bottom Up

Our knowledge and experience enables us to create a properly designed website framework that is fundamental to all successful SEO. A well-designed page structure and clean, well-written code makes it easier for search engines to find and "understand" your content contained within the web page code.

Content Optimisation

Content that is clear, informative and useful is the most important part of a website for visitors. Therefore your content should be written with your customers needs in mind. We can work with you to advise on optimising your customer-oriented content for search engines without affecting the customer experience, and our well-designed framework ensures this content is easily accessible to search engines.

We know the techniques to use but also the tricks to avoid. We ensure our SEO adheres to Googles guidelines. "Black-hat" SEO tricks (such as keyword stuffing) provided by unscrupulous companies can risk damage to your site and reputation, and can result in your site being blacklisted by search engines.

Submit to Google

The fastest way to ensure Google finds your new webpages is to tell them. After we build your search-engine friendly website, we tell Google about your site and all of its pages. If you have an existing website, we can also tell it to remove the old pages from its search and the new pages to link to instead.

Monitor the Results

We will monitor the ranking of your site during the first months to ensure it is improving. It is important to remember that many factors can affect a website's ranking, so it can take time for your website to move up the rankings.

A Word from Google on SEO

It is important to remember that your real consumers are your customers - not search engines - and Google recommend that you base your optimisation decisions first and foremost on what's best for the visitors of your site. More information from Google

CMS for Updating your Website Yourself

With your new website, we will give you access to a Content Management System (CMS) so you can edit the content of your site whenever you wish without you having to contact us.

The content editor allows you to make changes in a similar way to how you would edit a Word document.

The editor will always protect the structure of your site, so you are free to update the content and add or delete pages, images and documents, without the worry of inadvertently "breaking" your website.

iPad Compatible Websites

We only use technologies that are supported on tablets such as iPads and smartphones so our websites work on these devices.

If the need arises for a technology that is not supported on all devices, such as a video player, we can provide alternative versions to work on tablets and smartphones.

Custom Design

Your website is often the first way that prospective customers learn about your business, so your website's "look-and-feel" should reflect your business.

Every Tribtec website is designed specifically to suit the objectives and ethos of the individual client. We can:

We never use pre-existing templates. Generic template designs can dictate how your business will appear online, and can even be used by other websites. We believe that the appearance of your website should reflect your business and support your goals, not limit them. This is why we do not try to fit your business into an existing template or CMS system, we work with you to identify your business objectives and then develop a design that encompasses these.

See our portfolio for examples of our work

Visitor Tracking

We add visitor tracking to your website to provide analytics of your customers behaviour. This can tell you information such as:

  • Number of visitors and page hits
  • Your most popular pages
  • Keyword analysis
  • Where the visitor came from (e.g. Google, another link)
  • Geographical location

In-house Development

All of our websites are developed in-house. We never outsource any development, so we can stand over our work.


Other Services we can provide

Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Web hosting space is where a website’s files and systems are stored so they can be accessed on the internet.

The domain name is the "address" of the hosting space, for example, and it allows people to visit your website.

Web hosting, domain names and email accounts are available from hosting providers. As part of our web design service, we can organise website hosting and register your chosen domain name(s) on your behalf, should you require it. We can also create e-mail addresses for your domain, e.g.

Choosing a domain name

It is important to choose a domain name that is relevant to your business, e.g. your business name. This will help customers find your business online. You can also choose the domain suffix (called a TLD) for example: .ie .com .eu

A TLD represents your businesses format, e.g.

  • .com is short for company,
  • .org is for organisation and is was traditionally used by non-profit organisations, however nowadays this doesn't apply

Outside the US. TLDs representing your geographical location are popular

Registering a .ie domain name

Having a .ie domain name offers a number of benefits. Because it is regulated, only legitimate businesses are given a .ie domain name so it inspires confidence and trust in customers. It also provides an advantage in Google searches. Google gives priority to a .ie domain name if the search being performed is either from Ireland or if the search query is about Ireland.

To register a .ie domain name, you must apply to the IEDR. For an Irish business wishing to register a name that reflects their business name, they simply require your RBN (Registered Business Name) or CRO number, However you do not need to have a registered business name to qualify. For more information visit


Additional Functionality

Our range of services and features are not limited to the above.

We also offer additional features to enhance your website, including photo galleries or social media integration, and our in-house development gives us the ability to develop custom functionality.

So whatever your website requirements, we can offer you a complete solution.


Enhance your website with additional features

Enhance your website by taking advantage of the interactive and multimedia features of the internet. Integrating with social media such as Facebook and features such as a contact form allow your customers to interact with you online.

We can add extra features to your website if required, including:

  • Slideshows
  • Photo galleries
  • Site search
  • Contact forms
  • Order forms
  • News updater for you to publish and manage your own news updates
  • Social networking integration including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & YouTube and more
  • Downloadable files such as media files or documents
  • Embedded media (video, music)
  • Interactive location map
  • Interactive calendar
  • Include external content that is automatically updated, e.g. weather forecast, latest news headlines
  • login / secured area
  • blog
  • print version
  • translation widg

We can also provide additional online services, including:

  • Hosting & Domain Name Registration
  • Email Campaigns
  • Newsletters & newsletter sign-up
  • Google AdWords for promotion
  • Google Maps: We can add your business to Google Maps as a permanent marker, so it will appear in related Map searches for your area.
  • Mobile site development - create a tailored version of your site for mobile users

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