e-Commerce Websites

We will develop the right solution for you to conduct your business online 24x7

If you would like to sell products online, you need an e-Commerce solution.

An e-Commerce website handles the complete order process and allows you to conduct your business 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world if you wish.


What can we do for you?

At Tribtec, we place a high value on usability and build easy-to-use, attractive, search engine friendly websites.

We will discuss your requirements with you to understand your business objectives and then use our strong business and technical background to create the right e-Commerce solution for your requirements.

Whether your online store will have 20 products or 20,000, we will develop a solution to suit.

We will custom design a look-and-feel to suit your online store and fit with your branding. If you already have an existing brochure website, we can create a store that will fit in seamlessly.

All of our eCommerce solutions include Search Engine Optimisation as standard, because we believe this is a fundamental requirement for any website to be effective for a business.


What is an e-Commerce website?

E-Commerce is the process of conducting business online.

An e-Commerce website is an online store that operates just like a physical store. Customers make purchases by adding goods to their shopping cart, and check out when they are want to pay.

It provides you, the store owner, the ability to manage your store online:

  • Display your range of products for sale
  • Sell products or take orders
  • Manage your product catalogue to add or remove products or update pricing
  • Offer discounts and promotions
  • Calculate delivery costs
  • Accept payments and manage returns
  • Manage your inventory & orders
  • Create delivery dockets & invoices
  • View details of sales activity, customer information & activity

The system records all activity so you can run analysis reports on sales, customers, and products, e.g. best-selling products, low inventory.

An e-Commerce store can be used to sell more than physical products, you can also sell virtual products such as downloads and gift vouchers.

What can an e-Commerce website do for your business?

If you are considering moving your business to the next level, there are many benefits to conducting business online including:

  • Fast & Cost-effective Setting up a online store is easier, faster and more cost-effective than establishing a physical store
  • Convenience for Customers - your website is available 24 hours a day and is accessible world-wide, so customers can view it any time that suits them, from anywhere.
  • Convenience for You - The order process is totally automated until the order is received, and you only have to get involved when the order needs to be prepared for the customer.
  • Always Working for You - The store is open 24 hours a day and can take sales when you are not around
  • Cost Savings - No need to print expensive product catalogues anymore, simply direct potential customers to your website. If information changes, there are no re-prints - you can update your website instantly.
  • Reach a World-Wide Customer Base - Your website is accessible worldwide and can expand your customer reach
  • Instant Updates - Information can be updated in real-time, e.g. change prices instantly; new products can be added at any time; no need to wait for leaflets to be printed to pass information to customers
  • Learn more about your customers to benefit your business - Data recorded in the system can be analysed to learn more about your customers, and you can use this new knowledge to refine your business or to target your marketing.

What do I need to do to get an e-Commerce website?

Operating an online e-commerce business is moving your business to the next level. Setting up an e-commerce business is equivalent to starting up a shop and involves the full trading process.

We will discuss the e-Commerce process with you and how this fits with your business requirements to identify what you need from your website before we recommend a suitable e-Commerce system.


Standard Features Included

Because we aim to deliver a high quality service and result with every website we create, we include as standard features that other companies charge extra for.

All of our websites include as standard:

Enhance your website with additional features

Enhance your website by taking advantage of the interactive and multimedia features of the internet. Integrating with social media such as Facebook and features such as a contact form allow your customers to interact with you online.

We can add extra features to your website if required, including:

  • Slideshows
  • Photo galleries
  • Site search
  • Contact forms
  • Order forms
  • News updater for you to publish and manage your own news updates
  • Social networking integration including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & YouTube and more
  • Downloadable files such as media files or documents
  • Embedded media (video, music)
  • Interactive location map
  • Interactive calendar
  • Include external content that is automatically updated, e.g. weather forecast, latest news headlines
  • login / secured area
  • blog
  • print version
  • translation widg

We can also provide additional online services, including:

  • Hosting & Domain Name Registration
  • Email Campaigns
  • Newsletters & newsletter sign-up
  • Google AdWords for promotion
  • Google Maps: We can add your business to Google Maps as a permanent marker, so it will appear in related Map searches for your area.
  • Mobile site development - create a tailored version of your site for mobile users


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